Our Story


Quality is the main ingredient.

Billy's Great Grandmother with the youngings

Years of Hard Work

Billy’s Italian Market line of tomato sauces is the result of years of hard-work and a dedication to serving high-quality food. In 2011, Billy opened his Italian Market cafe and deli in the trendy upstate New York community of Hudson. Opening his own deli was the realization of a dream of Billy’s since he was 13 years old, ever since his grandfather Frankie ‘Bananas’ would get mad at him for eating all his dried sausage.


Billy begins his dream

Since opening his doors, Billy’s business has grown consistently, in a town often described as a food-lover’s mecca. Beyond the classic deli sandwiches, the Market serves all homemade Italian favorites, like lasagna, meatballs, stuffed peppers, and eggplant rollatini. Part of Billy’s success has been his ability to bridge socio-economic divides to create and sell meals that are affordable and accessible to the working families in the community, but also beloved by true foodies who visit Hudson for it’s unique culinary flair.


Marinara Sauce

Billy’s Italian Market sauces are made only from the highest-quality plum tomatoes grown hydroponically in California. Billy is proud to support New York-based farmers from whom he sources his garlic, basil, onions and carrots. The onion and carrot cuts the acidity of the tomatoes and adds a subtle sweetness to the sauce. The sauce contains no additional artificial sweeteners or additives, making it compatible for those with food restrictions or allergies, or those following popular current diets, such as paleo or keto. The most common feedback Billy gets from customers is that it tastes fresh, not like other jarred sauces, and it’s the very best sauce they’ve ever had.